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About Deep Reflections

We are committed to providing the best value in auto detailing in the SF Bay Area by using the most advanced products. In keeping ahead of any other detailing business, we maintain our services with the latest in auto-industrial developments and techniques to providing our clients with outstanding customer service.

Deep Reflections was founded by Steve Paski in August  2009 as a Northern California Zaino distributor. He became a distributor in 2001 after seeing the incredible results the products had on his own cars. As his customer base grew and as more customers began seeng the phenomenal condition and beauty of his cars, requests came flooding in to have Steve detail their cars. As a result, the growing influx of his customer base and referrals grew to the point where Steve decided to start Deep Reflectionsand create a unique auto detailing experience for its customers.

Deep Reflections is the only detailer in Northern California to use Zainoproducts.  Zaino is a man made polymer that provides an incredibly bright shine to any auto exterior. Additionlly, Zaino is widely known as the industry’s best durability for a man made polymer.  

As the detailing industry has continuosly evolved over recent years, we have stayed relevent with detailing advancements and now offer Ceramic coatings. We are constantly evaluating new products that come onto the auto market and finding new detailing combinations that provides both incredible value and quality. Unlike other detailers, our team is made of specialized artists in the practice of auto detailing.  Our highly experienced and passionate team understands the vital importance of maintaining only perfection for interior and exterior your vehicle. 

We are located in Los Gatos, at 601 University Ave,  conveniently located near Hwy 85 and Hwy 17.  

Coming from the north we recommend exiting Lark Ave off of Hwy 17 and making a left turn at the second light, which is University.

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