Mini Detail

Mini Detail

Searching for the best car detailing near me? Deep Reflections offers the car detailing your vehicle craves to stay looking its best. We guarantee quality in all of our work and have set the standards for excellence with all of our work. If you want your vehicle to maintain its value, then scheduling regular car detailing is a must. Our Mini Detail package will keep your vehicle looking sharp. This package includes an exterior hand wash and a clay bar treatment. The clay bar slides across your vehicle’s paint and picks up contaminants that cannot be removed through a typical wash. Next, we vacuum the carpets, seats and floor mats and perform a window and dashboard cleaning. Finally, we add 1 coat of Zaino Clear Seal and 1 coat of Zaino Grand Finale Sealant. This package is an excellent value and the perfect car detailing package to help your vehicle maintain its value. We use the best products available in the industry and guarantee our work. Your search for the best car detailing near me ends with our team at Deep Reflections. Call today to refresh your vehicle!


  • Hand wash 
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Wheel cleaning and tire dressing 
  • Towel dry 
  • Vacuum carpets, seats, and floor mats  
  • Window and dashboard cleaning
  • 1 coat of Zaino Clear Seal
  • 1 coat of Zaino Grand Finale Sealant

Used to remove dust/dirt particles industrial fallout, acid rain and other contaminants from your car’s exterior surfaces

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