All car enthusiasts know how important car washes are, they keep your car clean and presentable. This means that a hand wash car is better than any other since you can get in the nooks and crannies. Leave the worry behind and get to know all about clay bars with us!

hand wash car:

These are tiny bars that are either made of natural or synthetically engineered resin compounds. They lift the contamination from your vehicles to the surface of the car and give a smoother surface. The contamination can be in the form of industrial fallout, dust, honeydew, tree sap, or bitumen tar. It is a mixture of all combined that contaminate the surface of your car, bars are the help you need!

Clay bars have gained popularity in recent years because of their smart and accessible approach to cars. Just like other skincare, things take time to shine. Think of a clay bar as the bar of soap for your car which gets all the impurities out. Give your car a touch of freshness with a clay bar hand wash. Here is a step by step guide from our professionals:

  1. Begin with the selection of a clay bar that suits your car. An average guide is to invest in more than needed because they do get contaminated quite often. It is best to start with gloves and safety glasses. We suggest people work in the daylight, which means a well-lit area is suitable.

  2. You will need quite a few things to get the job started, but these things available in every house. When you are preparing to clay bar your car, keep everything in an accessible place. This way you get to reach them without dropping the bar. You do not want people to run around you here and there when you are getting this done.

  3. Getting the job done is not a handy process, tough and tiring to do every once in a while. After getting done with the organization process, get handy with gloves. Make sure you learn about the process from all your enthusiast friends. Try to search for things relevant to your questions. Clay bar car wash near me on all search engines will give relevant results about the overall process.

  4. Begin with drying the vehicle. This means that you have to pat down all the places where the moisture might just seep in. If your car is dirty, clean it up and then properly dry it with the help of a microfiber cloth.

  5. Remove the clay bar from its packaging and separate it into equal halves or quarters. Since it is clay, it will be easier for you to flatten it up with the warmth of your hands. You have to work with your pointer finger, middle, and index finger.

  6. Now you need a spray detailer, select a small patch and work on it. This small section is now your canvas in the beginning. All you have to do now is spray it with a detailer, then glide the clay across the wet vehicle. You will have to keep a back and forth motion until the whole patch completes.

  7. Wipe the excess with the help of a microfiber towel. Keep a light hand on the job because the budged clay can spread. Fold the clay over onto itself and work it in your hands to flatten it up.

  8. Repeat the process at least 4-6 times until the car is completely clayed. Use the back of your hand to feel the surface and double-check for the rough spot. If you feel a rough spot, it means that it needs another turnover of clay. You can always go back on the surface over and over but make sure to keep a light hand.

  9. For extra protection, you can pat down the clay with polish or wax. Ceramic coatings also work well for surfaces like this one to keep the car shining like new.

  10. Wipe down the whole area with clay, and pat it down with detailers spray. For extra protection, protect with a clean cloth and let the clay adjust to the vehicle for a day or two.

The processing time depends entirely on your performance. It is a DIY job that takes at least 2-3 hours. This depends on the size and need of your vehicle. Here are some of our pro tips for starters who want to perfect their job in the beginning.

  • Don’t place the clay anywhere on a contaminated surface. Make sure you keep it coated once are done with the overcoat. Never use it after placing it on a workbench, floor, or any other place that can contaminate it. Once the bar touches dust, throw it away immediately.

  • Water is not a substitute for detailing spray, because the spray is purposefully made for this cause. These sprays have a certain level of lubrication which keeps them away from damaging the exterior of the vehicle.

  • Brand new cars have to care about more than usual. This means that you might have to consider the possibilities of scratching and staining. Taking care of the car in the initial days is always a better idea than delaying the job for days. You will have to stay committed to the hours invested in this job. Touching anything can cause contamination in the car’s exterior and the bar itself.

  • These bars are cheap and easy to access. All of them show different results because every quality gives a different finish. For a perfect, uncontaminated finish, make sure you get the job done professionally. Even if you are just rolling your car out of the driveway, it might just need clay already.

We are the one-stop solution to all your car aesthetic fixes. Deep Refection Detailers team will make your car feel like new. Your car encounters and endures a lot, make sure to give it back the look it deserves!