A car can look great from the outside but you do not want to feel embarrassed when someone sits inside. The interior of the car is one place where a lot of dust resides and it can absorb different odors. There is a world bigger than auto detailing and denting painting and that’s where interior detailing comes in.

The ambiance of a good drive includes a fragrant atmosphere with comfortable seating. As a detailing company, we work as a beautician for your car in terms of exterior and interior subtlety!

If you are one of the car crazies, everything about your car will be important to you. This includes tires and rims, what paint job it has, and exterior looks because it is all about comfort. To maintain these, the car should be deeply cleaned, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Now you must be wondering what is interior detailing? It is an intricate process of helping your car revive its lost life that includes all aspects. The best time to dedicate to car detailing is when the weather is clear and the sun is out. Cars are pretty reliable in terms of durability, which is why a little work goes a long way!

These are the steps every detailer follows, most of them are approachable at home. If you have an ample amount of time on your hands, you can do it in just a few hours. Some of these steps should be completely handled by professionals.

We think that every man knows their car well, and if you have the right equipment, it shouldn’t be a problem. Keeping your car clean is not what detailing is about, it is about paying attention to the minute details.

1. Vacuuming the floor mats:

The floor mats of the car are of the dirtiest part that needs cleaning every now and then. The very first thing every detailer does is clean and vacuum the floor mats of your car. This will get the dust out before getting to the main detailing part.

Clean floor mats instantly make the car look expensive and well taken care of. Dust also tends to make the space look older and crusty, and a shiny car makes things look neater.

2. Micro Fiber Cloth Cleaning:

Once the floor mats are removed, the dashboard, steering wheel, air ventilation, and console of the car get in action. The next process requires the help of a microfiber cloth so it doesn’t leave any blemishes or scratches on the surface.

Microfiber cloths are best for a spotless surface, it is best used to remove a variety of germs and bacteria. The fiber is positively charged to attract dust and bacteria like magnets.

If your car needs a little exterior touch, search for car paint shops near me to find detailers in your area. Our tip, read the reviews and analyze their authenticity. It is that one step that needs professional attention!

3. Leather Conditioning Service:

Car seats are mostly covered with leather and leather if left unconditioned can lead to dryness and breakage. The car detailers put extra effort into making the leather of your car seats look new and clean.

The seats are first cleaned steam cleaner for removal of stains and spots and then polished to hydrate the leather. This instantly changes the atmosphere of the vehicle. It gives the seats a smoother finish with a fragrance that enhances the mood and aura of the car.

4. Detailed Console Cleaning:

A major part of interior consists of a console including a dashboard, multimedia player, gearbox handle, air vents, buttons, and speedometer. All these things are deep cleaned with a detailing brush that goes to dig deep to clean all edges.

It is an intricate and time taking process but the outcome is rather breathable and fresh. A cleaner car guarantees a smoother driving experience which is double with a pleasant drive.

5. Doors Cleaning:

When a door opens, you do not want all that leftover trash to fall and embarrass you while you sit. We use the doors of our cars a lot without paying attention. A lot of things are placed in the little pockets of the car doors.

These doors are thoroughly cleaned for interior detailing. First vacuumed followed with a clean microfiber cloth. These pockets are very efficiently designed to hold several items. These designs cater to consumer needs by keeping open space wherever needed.

6. Polishing The Interior:

After everything is fully cleaned and taken care of, the whole interior of the car goes through a final polish. This process is vital to pack things together and make them look shiny.

That fresh brand new car smell is from polishing pastes. You can easily buy them from any convenience store and polish the basics yourself. The purpose is to glisten up your car and make it look neat.

7. Air Freshening Process:

At the very end, it comes down to how your car will smell every time you open the doors. Your choice is completely personal and most detailers use products with the usage of vent air freshening accessories.

A lot of air fresheners are available in different packaging, but the main purpose is to be fragrant. You can choose from vent fresheners, spray cans, fragrance jellies, fragrance bombs, and perfume cards.

It is a great substitute to keep your car smelling fresh. Bodies’ sweat which is why cars can start smelling funky over if kept cold and humid for long. Feet odor is something no one wants to smell and a great way to suppress that is car air fresheners. If there is one thing that you shouldn’t skip on, it is car ventilation and refreshers. These products are very affordable and easily available. It only takes about an hour and costs the same as a general car wash. All these steps are easy to follow and they can instantly upgrade the feeling of your car!