Self Healing Coatings at Their Best!

Why choose Feynlab Coatings?

Instead of relying on the traditional backbone of other common ceramic coatings, Feynlab embraces a more complex approach to creating a product line of coatings to solve all vehicle owner preferences and needs. This has lead to an exceptionally thick coating material with extreme durability, strong chemical resistance, intense UV & heat protection, a very high gloss finish, and an impressive hydrophobic surface, making vehicle maintenance fast and simple.

Feynlab’s scientific approach and commitment will never waver. They continue to prove their commitment to high quality products with extensive real world testing until the optimal formulations are found and approved with the FEYNLAB® label. The goal is to bring out the absolute shine and protection in your vehicles paint. Feynalabs has worked extensively with many paint manufacturers of pearlescent and metallic coatings to emphasize a radiant lumination on any paint color, giving your vehicle both an incredible shine and serious depth. No other ceramic captures the essence of paint like Feynlab.


Good Investment

The coating will protect the vehicles and boats exterior and interior from deterioration for 7 years. The resale market value will be substantially higher and will raise the overall quality of your vehicle to a superior model.

Less Maintenance

Feynlab’s “Vehicle Washing Technology” is a little different; At the onset, their chemistry works to bond directly to the contaminants, aiding in both breaking up and chemically removing them from the surface. In addition, Feynlab’s wash also provides the cleaners lubricity to help gently remove larger particles from the surface and  results in keeping their coatings with an beautiful shine.

Keeps the Shine On

Feynlab’s quest to engineer an industry leading Self Healing Ceramic Nano Technology started from the pursuit of aiding dark colored vehicles to look their best for as long as possible.

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