Auto Detailing

Interior Detail

We first evaluate the Interior with our client and point out issues we may see, improving and enhancing the beauty and longevity of the car interior. A clean interior should smell fresh, not like sprayed on car refreshener. 

NOTE: The blue dye on blue jeans can rub off and tranfer onto the seat; If this happen, address it right away or it may become a permanent stain.


We Specialize In:
Smoke Smell, Mildew, Pet Smells, Food Spills , Drink Spills , Vomit, Blood etc.

 Note: Please do not attempt to remove or clean yourself as it can cause the stain to become permanent or spread further into the seat or area.



  • Detail  Vacuuming
  • Hand wash all surfaces – removing dirt, spots and grease
  • Spot treat all stubborn stains that may not have come out during the hand wash proccess 
  • Remove all Mats,Trunk Carpet Liners, Center Console liner, Cup holders, Glove Compartment 
  • Steam Cleaning is done after the Hand Wash is completed

Used to remove dust/dirt particles industrial fallout, acid rain and other contaminants from your car’s exterior surfaces

Procedures:  Average time 4-6 hours 

Tel: (408) 402-5453
601 University Ave Los Gatos CA 95032

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