Kavaca Los Gatos

Our team at Deep Reflections are certified installers of Kavaca Los Gatos Paint Protection Film.  Kavaca is the state of the art paint protection film offered through the paint protection innovators of Ceramic Pro. It has superhydrophobic and non-yellowing properties that will keep your vehicle’s paint looking sharp for years to come. It includes a twelve-year warranty against delamination, peeling, yellowing, and discoloration. This scratch-resistant, highly glossy film protects against swirling, marring, road salt, insect acids, rock chips, UV damage and more!

We highly recommend combining one of our Ceramic Pro packages with our Kavaca Los Gatos packages for the ultimate paint protection armor for your vehicle. Kavaca was manufactured by the same owners of Ceramic Pro using state-of-the-art technology and top quality raw materials. It’s nano-infused topcoat will give your vehicle’s surface extreme gloss and prevent swirls and imperfections in your paint. Let our team at Deep Reflections Detailers protect your vehicle’s paint the right way. We perfectly cut the film to match the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle for ultimate protection. Kavaca will add a shield of protection that your vehicle craves to stay in pristine condition. Request a free quote here

kavaca los gatos


  • Superhydrophobic Properties
  • Self-healing Properties
  • 12-Year Warranty Against Fading, Yellowing, Peeling, and Cracking
  • Protects Your Paint From Rock Chips, Scratches, Insect Acid, the Sun’s UV Rays and Dirt & Debris
  • Adds a Glossy Coat
  • Easy-to-Clean

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